Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs have made a serious splash with cutting edge supplements in very concentrated packages. They have quickly building a reputation for making supplements that actually work.

With a commitment to quality and making the best possible supplements. They also do this for a reasonable price without the hype or typical bodybuilding over-marketing they have quickly become very popular.

The products are designed to work.

Blackstone Labs are guys that know supplements. Not only have they worked in the industry for many years and compete themselves, they also use their own products. This means a drive to create products that really deliver.

Blackstone Labs are true innovators when it comes to supplements. This was founded by Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun and they have set about bringing the best products possible to market. Not just a boring amino acid or protein blend. They research cutting edge ingredients so you have access to the most innovative supplements available.
These guys are relentless when it comes to development and quality so you can be assured Blackstone Labs products deliver on promises and they'll tastes amazing too.

Although only a relatively new brand in supplement terms Blackstone Labs has carved out a reputation as a maker of hardcore supplements that work!
Dust V2 has exceeded everyones expectations and become extremely popular. 
We also partnered with Blackstone Labs to bring you Cobra 6p Extreme powder. These are innovators and want to bring the best products that will help you reach your goals.

You'll find products such as Dust V2,Resurgence,Hype,Formula 19,Epi-Test,Apex Male,Anesthetized,Juiced Up,PCT V,Anogenin,Gear Support,Eradicate and many more.

Blackstone Labs make a huge variety of supplements such pre-workouts,fat burners,muscle builders and amino acids.