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Power Performance Products was created to bring you the very best, most potent sports and fitness supplement formulas available today based on advanced state-of-the-art science and technology. Every Power Performance product we make is promised to deliver maximum off-the-chart results to help power you straight through to your personal fitness goals. All Power Performance products go miles beyond the level of other competing brands in bringing you maximum results: all in effective top-quality formulas at prices that will keep more money in your wallet. Think of our products as the highest octane fuel you can put in your body’s engine. You are guaranteed to blast past the finish line, achieve true fitness success and be your personal best!

Power Performance Products was founded by California fitness expert Todd Fromin, who had finally become sick and tired of all of the hype and undelivered promises thrown about by major fitness supplement companies.He found that too many of the fitness supplement products sold today lacked the quality and quantity of essential active ingredients needed to actually help users achieve the goals they were looking for and all of this disappointment usually came with an over-inflated price tag. So he came up with the idea to create a line of super-effective, safe fitness supplement products for athletes, body builders and all fitness enthusiasts that delivered exactly what they promised, all while being affordable enough for everyone. Working with one of the best fitness supplement formulating research teams in the world, Todd finally achieved exactly what he wanted with a line of exceptional fitness products he was truly proud of. On top of that, he decided that he would put more of the company’s money into the quality of the products themselves and not waste it on expensive advertising: the benefit of doing that was to bring you some of the best fitness supplement formulas money can buy at a price that everyone can afford.



Body Effects *NEW*

Body Effects *NEW*

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