How do I place an order online?

Its simple to place your first order online. Just go to our home page, where you have the option to search by Brand, Category or Keyword. Click on the product you would like to purchase to view nutritional and serving sizes. Once you’re happy with your choice simply click the Add to Cart button. Do this for all the products you wish to purchase. Go to View Cart where you can view, amend, change or delete any products and proceed to Checkout. All we require is some information such as your name, delivery address and payment details so that we can send your order to you.

What happens once I place my first order?

Once you place a supplement or product order online with Infin8 Supplements you will receive a purchase email that confirms we have received your order. If you do not receive either of these please ensure you check your junk mail first and then contact Infin8 Supplements HQ’s to have them resent.

What happens once you have shipped my order?

Once our team have packed and shipped your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Infin8 Supplements. This email will include information such as your postal tracking number and when your order was shipped. Please keep this email in case of any enquiries so we can ensure a quick and accurate response.

When will my goods be shipped?

Your goods will be shipped immediately if all the products you have ordered are in stock. If you order before 12pm (local time) your order will be shipped the same day. Orders received after 12pm will be shipped the next working day.

Will you ship my order on a Public Holiday?

Unfortunately no. Infin8 Supplements does rely on our two shipping partners, Fast Way and Australia Post to be open and operating to ensure we can ship your products to you as soon as possible. Any purchases made on a public holiday will be shipped the next available day.

How do I get Free Shipping?

Free shipping is easy. Simply order $150 or more on one transaction online and we will send your products for free!

What is your Returns Policy?

You can return an unopened product if it is faulty, incorrect or has been purchased in error within 7 days of purchase. Our Returns policy is null and void if you have opened, used or tampered with the product in any way. Proof of purchase (receipt) is required on return. Should you wish to return the product by mail due to an incorrect purchase by you, Infin8 Supplements will not cover the cost of return postage and shipping. You will also be required to pay for shipping the new product back.

What do I do if my products arrive damaged?

If on opening your parcel, you find that your goods are damaged or opened and therefore are not safe to be consumed, please contact us within 24 hours. It is a requirement of our insurance for us to advise our shipping company within 48 hours if there has been some damage to shipped goods. Please contact our Infin8 Supplements team so that we may rectify the situation for you.

What if I receive the wrong product/s?

If Infin8 Supplements accidentally sends you the wrong product, please contact us immediately. Should we confirm an error on our end, we will replace your product with the correct one at no cost to you. Please do not open or use the incorrect product as this will forfeit our ability to replace it.

I ordered the wrong product but I have opened and use it. Will you replace it?

Sorry we cannot replace an opened or used product due to our Returns Policy.

It has been more than 5 working days and I still haven’t received my product. What do I do?

Firstly please track your shipping item online and locate where your parcel may be. In some instances shipping may be delayed due to;

  • public holidays
  • your area of delivery (regional deliveries can take longer)
  • transport issues with the shipping company
  • an error on the shipping companies behalf
  • unforseen weather conditions that have affected delivery

Please contact the shipping company first with your tracking number and personal information to confirm where your delivery of goods is. Should you be unable to ascertain why your products have not arrived, please contact Infin8 Supplements. We will make enquiries on your behalf to locate your parcel and ensure it is delivered ASAP.

I have received a miss call from Infin8 Supplements staff. Why is this?

Infin8 Supplements sells top brand and popular products online at an affordable price. We also pride ourselves on quality customer service and for this reason we may be calling you for;

  • a quick update on the latest products that have arrived
  • products about to go on special
  • a quick customer service survey to see if you are happy with our service
  • a product that you have ordered may be temporarily out of stock and we have an alternative to offer you
  • a product you ordered may be on back order and we are updating you with information on time frames for delivery
  • your parcel weighs more than the authorised shipping amount and we need to make enquiries with you for alternative delivery

If we cannot reach you by phone, we will send an email the same day (for urgent contact) to ensure we keep our commitment to you for quality customer service. If you have any further questions about health, training, nutrition or Infin8 Supplements please contact us so that we may assist you.