ATP Science Cort RX
ATP Science Cort RX

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  • Reduces the severity of internal stress from toxic, immune and inflammatory triggers
  • Takes the burden off the adrenal gland and has a sparing effect on cortisol
  • Helps to restore healthy cortisol fluctuations
  • Anti-catabolic by reducing the damaging effects of cortisol in response to stress, training and stimulants
  • Improve resilience, supports healthy digestion, detoxification and antioxidant defence system, supports healthy immune system function
  • potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever 
  • Helps the body to adapt efficiently to external stress

ATP Science Cort RX is a supplement that works to promote healthy adrenal glands and maintain the body's normal immune and stress responses. The schisandra chinensis berry extract found in ATP Science Cort RX works to support the immune system, reduce anxiety and support improved physical performance. ATP Science Cort RX also to promote healthy digestion, detoxification and elimination of toxins, resulting in enhanced cognition and improved quality of sleep. Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime ATP Science Cort RX will help reduce long-term stress resulting in improved performance and recovery.