ATP Science Subcut + Block E3
ATP Science Subcut + Block E3

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ATP Science Subcut 200ml     

  •  Increase Metabolism
  •  Tighten and Tone
  •  Assist in Weight Loss
  •  Make the Body Firmer
  •  Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Are you tired of dieting? Are you fed up with popping an endless assortment of pills and powders but still have stubborn areas of unsightly body fat that you just can’t budge? We all know you can’t spot reduce fat through exercise – doing crunches isn’t going to lose that spare tyre. Tablets and powders that are taken orally can’t specifically target the abs, hips or thighs. The body loses fat from where IT chooses, not you! That was true…until now.

What if there was a new product that was applied directly to the problem area that actually worked? A body-shaping serum that has changed that old paradigm and gives you the power to target specific areas of your body that is resistant to change. 

ATP Subcut has the power to ‘seek and destroy’ subcutaneous body fat.

•Break down fat and increase metabolism 

•Increase the bodies utilization of fat as a primary fuel source

•Mobilize fat from subcutaneous fat storage sites 

•Take control. Force those stubborn spots, which have been resistant to change, TO CHANGE.

•The Subcut body shaping serum is formulated to tighten, smooth and firm areas of the body 

•For both men and women

•Tones and increases the firmness of the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite

•Increases antioxidant levels protecting collagen and elastin from degrading prematurely

•Renews and regenerates the dermal connective tissue 

•Hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine for sensitive skin

•The Body shaping serum is used as a secret weapon by bodybuilders, physique and fitness models for pre competition sculpting

•Improve muscle definition

•Works synergistically with oral fat burners

Subcut is a revolutionary new product, researched and developed by our head scientist over the past fifteen years. Subcut Contains powerful proven ingredients were chosen for their  fat burning properties from information found in published medical journals, white papers, clinical and university studies and in house trails to perfect the fat burning properties. 

ATP SCIENCE Block E3 Body Shaping Serum 200ml

  • Blocks Estrogen

  • Reduce Fat Deposits

  • Define Muscle Tone

  • Enhance Body Shape

Estrogen blocking formulation designed to increase muscle tone whilst dramatically decreasing water and fat retention leading to a tightening, smoothing and firming effect on the body.  Block E3 is an advanced body-shaping serum designed to improve the appearance of the isolated regional fat deposits on the chest of men; and the buttocks and hips of men and women. Block E3 is manufactured using a trade secret process.

Estrogen dominance can reduce muscle mass, decrease muscle fibre size. Estrogen dominance can increase inter-muscular fat thereby reducing muscle definition.

Estrogen dominance can increase fat deposits and accumulation in isolated regions creating an oestrogen dominant body shape.

Increased aromatase activity increases estrogen and lowers Testos-terone. 

In men, this increases the activation of the mainly proliferative estrogen receptors to induce fat cell production and growth disorders in oestrogen-sensitive tissues like breast causing gynaecomastia (man boobs / moobs). In women, this causes isolated pockets of fat on the hips, buttocks and thighs and lower abdomen. 

Block E3 serum is a transdermal estrogen blocker. That contains 3 effective ingredients that work synergistically to inhibit aromatase conversion of Testos-terone to estrogen and block estrogen activity at the receptor site.

1.Midnight Horror (Oroxylum indicum) is an extremely potent and natural source of the powerful flavones Chrysin (5,7-dihydroxyflavone, or 5,7-dihydroxy-2-phenyl-(9CI)) and Baicalein. Chrysin inhibits aromatase activity and Baicalein blocks estrogen receptors.  

2.Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) is a potent source of iodine and other compounds including fucoidan and fucophlorethols, which have demonstrated powerful anti-estrogen properties.  They inhibit aromatase and the binding of oestradiol to estrogen receptors. 

3.Black pepper essential oil (piper nigrum) enhances transdermal absorption of the above mentioned active ingredients. Flavones from midnight horror and bladderwrack have very poor oral bioavailability, but can be efficiently absorbed through the skin. This percutaneous permeation is enhanced when combined with compounds found in piper nigrum.