BSc HydroxyBurn Lean 5 + Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
BSc HydroxyBurn Lean 5 + Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

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BSc HydroxyBurn Lean 5


If you’re seeking a pharmaceutical formula not a sports food that can not only help you achieve your weight loss goals, but also makes you feel good then support the real science behind Body Science GOLD LABEL ALPHA SERIES.

Our latest innovation, BSc HYDROXYBURN SHRED Neuro-Thermogenic is manufactured in a human pharmaceutical (GMP compliant) plant. Each ingredient has been specially selected, researched and scientifically tested to meet both your and our high expectations.

At Body Science we not only manufacture Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods, we manufacture complimentary Medicines listed on the Register of Therapeutic Goods. The GOLD LABEL ALPHA SERIES is 100% committed to products that are:

  • scientifically formulated,
  • tested by Australia’s best athletes,
  • pre-proven to help you exceed your health and fitness goals

HydroxyBurn Shred is a potent multi-dimensional fat burning formula more advanced than the traditional fat burners in Australia. Hydroxy Shred has been designed specifically to help you reach your weight loss goals, by destroying stubborn fat cells, promoting hyper-lipolysis (fat cell breakdown), speeding up your metabolism, boosting energy levels and improving your mood. This fat burner is ready to take your weight loss journey to a whole new level. 

BSc Apple Cidar Vinegar Caps

If you’re serious about your health then you will already know about apple cider vinegar (ACV). What’s even better is, you will also already be aware of its taste and its warm fuzzy burning feeling it gives you when you swallow it first thing in the morning.

But ALAS… no more burning throat!

BodyScience, as per usual, has jumped ahead of the market and provided us with all the benefits of ACV but in the ease of a CAPSULE!

Containing only one ingredient, ACV (including the mother), BodyScience is revolutionising your approach to a healthy digestive system in an easy to take capsule.

Support a healthy gut flora, stimulate improved digestion and enhance general gut health with the ease of a capsule and say goodbye to the burning throat feeling you are used to.