EHP Labs OxyShred 300g + Green Tea X50 5 Sachets + Supergirl Shaker
EHP Labs OxyShred 300g + Green Tea X50 5 Sachets + Supergirl Shaker

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EHP Labs OxyShred 300g

  • 14 Key Weight Loss Ingredients

  • Added L-Gluta-mine and Vitamin C for Recovery

  • Advanced Mood Enhancing Matrix

  • Full B Vitamin Spectrum

  • Active Ingredients proven to Burn Subcutaneous Fat Molecules

OxyShred is among the most potent and effective thermogenic weight loss supplements available today. OxyShred was designed to create hyper-lipolysis a complex process which ultimately increases the bodys chances of burning subcutaneous fat molecules. The key in this thermogenic Formula are the proprietary ratios and concentrations of key weight loss Ingredients.

Oxy Shred has Three different components. Containing a weight loss, Recovery and Mood enhancing matrix OxyShred will have you training Harder and For longer. The Weight loss formula contained is made up of 14 ingredients all designed to help shed those stubborn areas. The Recovery enhancing Matrix contains the all-important L-Gluta-mine and Vitamin C to really boost Immunity in times of intense training while the Mood enhancing Ingredients will have you energized for each and every session.

Green Tea X50 5 Sachets

5 Sachets Mixed Flavours

1 x Original, 1 x Raspberry, 1 x Tropical, 1 x Mango & 1 Pina Colada

Green Tea X50 is a potent antioxidant laden instant green tea energy drink.

Green Tea X50 is the ultimate antioxidant drink, designed to optimise the health benefits of green tea polyphenols and catechins, particularly ECGC, and Resveratrol for maximum health benefits. Each serve of Green Tea X50 is the equivalent of 20 cups of regular green tea and contains the resveretrol equivalent of 25 glasses of red wine. Green Tea X50 may increase metabolism and assist fat burning due to its thermogenic properties. 

Key features of Green Tea X50:

  • equivalent to 20 cups green tea per serve

  • contains resveretrol equivalent of 25 glasses red wine

  • contains potent antioxidant ECGC to promote weight loss by inceasing energy expenditure

  • fights the damagining effects of free radicals

  • detox liver & kidney

Green Tea X50 is diabetic friendly, contains no sugar, caffeine or guarana. 

Take Green Tea X50 once a day for good health and twice daily for the antioxidant, detoxing, thermogenic fat burning and weight loss benefits found in 40 cups of regualr green tea. Simpy add 1 sachet to 600ml water, shake and drink. Delicious hot or cold.