Growth by Blackstone Labs (30 serve)
Growth by Blackstone Labs (30 serve)
Growth by Blackstone Labs (30 serve)

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Growth: It’s what every bodybuilder wants, that can't be denied. Lately, a lot of attention has been placed upon HGH, or human growth hormone. This is literally the hormone that encourages humans to grow. What a prize, right? Unfortunately, dosing yourself with HGH is highly illegal and can have serious repercussions medically.

Luckily, there are ways to encourage your own body to produce more of its HGH naturally. This is far from new, as a ton of products in the past have sold themselves on the ability to do this. This was not entirely the case, however. Previous products could, in theory, do this, but the active ingredients were eventually proven to not be able to pass the blood-brain barrier. This means that it would be ingested, your body would be unable to make proper use of it. It was there, but unused.

Blackstone Labs took a long hard look at the shortcomings of others and eventually made a  breakthrough. Through using the ingredient 1C, it was proven to pass the blood-brain barrier and actively encourage your body to produce more growth hormone naturally. 1-C, or 1-carboxy-2-amino-3-pyrobenzol(3,4 diol), is closely related to L-Dopa. In the past, many supplements touted L-Dopa as the next big thing in the supplement industry, but again, this was the compound that was unable to breach the blood-brain barrier we just spoke about. 1-C (a natural L-Dopa derivative) was found to increase HGH levels through increasing dopamine levels naturally.

It’s important to understand how the body actually does this. As you rest and hit the REM stage of your sleep cycle, your pituitary gland secretes growth hormone. When attempting to increase growth hormone production naturally, adequate REM sleep is key, no questions asked. While 1C does its job of increasing production, the release will not occur without the rest aspect. Luckily for you, we have also added a suite of ingredients to encourage natural, healthy sleep while increasing natural HGH production; the best of both worlds.

To accomplish this, we have added velvet bean extract, which is a dopamine precursor that will help promote output of natural growth hormone. L-DOPA converts into dopamine, an important brain chemical involved in mood, sexuality, and movement.

Valerian root extract and melatonin have been included to aid the crucial need to rest well. Again, hormone secretion occurs during the REM stage of your sleep cycle. Additionally, adequate rest is paramount to increasing performance in the gym, making gains, and reducing off time due to recovery. It also goes without saying that getting enough rest at night is also directly related to improvement in mood, focus, and productivity at home and at work.

Urtica dioica prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This conversion has negative effects such as spurring prostate growth. Urtica dioica helps to keep molecules of testosterone free from a protein known as steroid hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG can prevent testosterone from binding with its receptors in the muscle cells. Urtica Dioica can result in higher levels of free testosterone in the body, which of course can help with lean tissue growth.

Piperine It inhibits a number of enzymes responsible for metabolizing drugs and nutritional substances; it stimulates the activity of amino-acid transporters in the intestinal lining; it inhibits p-glycoprotein, the ‘pump’ protein that removes substances from cells; and it decreases the intestinal production of glucuronic acid, thereby permitting more of the substances to enter the body in active form.

Vitamin D3 helps support bone health.

So what are some of the benefits of Growth?

  • Increases the synthesis of new muscle tissue and repair
  • Rapidly reduces body fat
  • Improves energy levels
  • Improves sleep patterns and makes for less unintended awakenings allowing better REM-stage sleep
  • Builds stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments
  • May maintain healthy sexual functions
  • Helps to improve the quality of hair, skin, and nails


    Ladies, did we forget to mention that Growth is 100% natural and completely safe to take? If you're serious about increasing muscle mass, definition, and cutting loads of body fat, this is THE supplement for you. Growth does not need to be cycled and does not produce any adverse side effects.

    Blackstone Labs Growth is designed to induce and improve the quality and length of deep restorative sleep known as Rapid Eye Moment (REM) sleep. Categorised as the restorative portion of sleep, REM is responsible for dreaming but more importantly is the time where hormonal output is optimised and recovery is maximised.

    • Build more MUSCLE

    • Recover FASTER

    • Sleep DEEPER

    Blackstone Labs Growth provides a synergistic herbal and amino acid blend designed to maximise sleep, hormonal output and recovery.

    Sleep plays a critical role in the recovery process and is a necessity for ensuring the most optimal environment for muscle growth is achieved.


    Chlorophytum Borivilianum

    Used for years in Indian Ayurveda Medicine, Chlorophytum Borivilianum was traditionally reared in the jungle as a rare herb but has since been cultivated for regular use due to its high Saponin content, which is known as a vegetative compound.

    As well as having hormone-promoting properties, Chlorophytum Borivilianum has been clinically shown to improve sleep in those with impaired sleeping patterns, especially when used alongside other sleep inducing compounds such as the ones in Growth.


    L-Tryptophan is one of 9 essential amino acids and has been used for decades in the treatment of sleep apnoea, insomnia, ADHD and many mood related conditions such as depression and anxiety. Acting as a precursor to 5-HTP in the brain and then consequently the conversion of 5-HTP into Serotonin, L-Tryptophan is a tremendously effective amino acid for improving sleep quality, which in turn results in improved hormonal output and muscle recovery.


    Known as a non-dietary amino acid, L-Theanine has a very low presence in all foods but shows promising effects in having the ability to induce relaxation without sedation, meaning no grogginess upon waking.  Within the brain, L-Theanine acts as a precursor to GABA, which when released in the brain is known for its ability to cause some of the highest sleep inducing effects possible when compared to other neuroamines.


    Unlike the standard L-Carnitine, which is solely focused on increasing the mobilisation of fatty acids and some mild cognitive support, L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate has two primary benefits for muscle growth. These include increasing the sensitivity of the androgen receptor and a clinically recognised reduction in post workout muscle soreness.

    Urtica Dioica (Stinging Nettle)

    Stinging Nettle Root is a moderately potent anti-inflammatory that has been linked to a reduction in nasal congestion as well as reducing the risk for prostate health concerns.

    Valerian Root Extract

    Due to its enhanced signalling effect on GABA, Valerian Root acts as a mild sedative and has been found to improve sleep quality and may reduce mild anxiety symptoms.

    Final words

    Minimise the risk of muscle loss, impaired recovery or increased systemic stress with Blackstone Labs GROWTH. Designed to improve sleep quality and quantity, users of GROWTH will see immediate sleep benefits the first time they use it and long term benefits including a reduction in muscle soreness, improved daily vitality and most importantly, increased muscle growth when used regularly.

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