The Key by BPM Labs BCAA's & EAA's (30 serve)
The Key by BPM Labs BCAA's & EAA's (30 serve)

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The Key is a one of a kind protein and recovery supplement.

Designed to replace traditional whey protein sources, The Key is a specifically designed EAA product in particular ratios that are more aligned with those found in human muscle tissue, meaning what you consume is what you use.

No protein wastage!

With a 99% to 1% utilisation to wastage ratio, The Key truly is the only way to unlock your genetic potential.

  • No Lactose
  • No Wastage
  • No Bloat

All to often in the quest to grow muscle, we become misguided by the over complication of dieting, the need to eat particular foods to get a result and the fear of missing the anabolic window post training.

The reality is, there is no one specific food that is the best for post workout recovery, so focusing on using a product that causes the least amount of stress but provides the maximum amount of recovery is the most effective way to grow maximum muscle.

With no risk of bloating, complete gastric ease of digestion and zero dairy, The Key is truly a one of a kind product that can be used by all athletes, gym goers and it is also Vegan-friendly as well.

Remove the stigma of post workout whey protein necessity and up your recovery and growth game with The Key!